Taza Dorada Brazil 2020

Every year CLAC, the network that represents all organisations certified as Fairtrade in Latin America and the Caribbean, organises coffee excellence competition between the producers in the countries of origin. It is called Taza Dorada (Golden Cup) Mesoamericana. The event is aimed at motivating farmers to improve the quality of their coffee and raising awareness among buyers in the specialty coffee sector about the availability of high-quality Fairtrade coffee. It also provided an opportunity for farmers to exchange information and share best practices.


The winning coffees are usually brought to the auction where customers compete for these lots of the finest coffees of the year. But COVID-19 had its own agenda. Every challenge is an opportunity: Fairtrade partnered with Algrano to bring ten competition coffees from Brazil online. Don't miss the chance to treat your customers with Taza Dorada coffees!

Coffees on offer 



Discover Algrano's Competition-Winning Coffees

This year Algrano organised our first ever quality competition in Brazil "Senta que lá vem café" 🇧🇷🏆(Go grab a seat because coffee is coming. The jury of 3 independent Q-Graders (Francisco Lentini Neto, William Batista Mariano and Jack Robson) have cupped and evaluated the coffees and selected ten winners. Don’t miss the chance to try the winning coffees!

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